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annapaola vacanti | 27 | genova (IT) |
multidisciplinary designer | phD student |
art director of TEDxGenova |
member of quinta colonna collective |
freelance visual designer |
intern in porto (PT) | erasmus in kouvola (FI) |
master degree in product&event |
creator of frame – open source eyewear |
organized 5 events | eng level C2 |
27 countries visited ||

Hi! I'm Annapaola, I am a freelance designer and academic researcher. I live in Genova, where I don't need to decide whether I love more the sea or the mountains.

I like to design stuff, overload my instagram profile and do therapeutic shopping. I have problems of space at home because I have too many books and too many jackets.

I collect mugs from the countries I visit, then I use them to drink lots of chai latte. My Mac is covered in stickers and I prefer my old Ipod rather than Spotify.

Send me an e-mail or download my portfolio and my full cv. You can have a look at my dribbble, find my professional profile on linkedin and lots of pics from my trips on instagram.